Coffee Table

Τhis piece of furniture raises issues about consumption and mass production. A coffee table, from mdf, with pop elements in lacquer colored wood finish, sized 105x52x25cm. Its dimensions can be changed, by modifying its framework. The framework consists of several parts that grips one another. Each cell corresponds to a different need, a different storage area, of different size and color. Colors interact with each other and with the space they are placed in.  The coffee table could be on wheels to achieve convenience in mobility. If not on wheels, each cell can be separated from the rest and be placed as a side table. Additionally, cells of the same color and size can be repeated and placed on the wall. It has been awarded with the Iron A' Design Award, in one of the Worlds' largest annual juried design competition that honors best designers, architects, and design oriented companies worldwide and with the Design and Design international award. It is also selected for TOP DESIGN 2016.