the O(val)

Wooden Handbag: The O

The O Handbag has been granted the Iron A’ Design Award in Fashion and Travel Accessories Design Category and the Favourite Design Award.

Each handbag consists of two wooden surfaces and an internal pouch. The main compartment, made of cloth of great durability, offers sufficient space and zips on the top. The exterior wooden surfaces are of high quality plywood and covered with transparent protective varnish. These surfaces are tied to the inner fabric pouch with a cord. The fabric is sewn onto the wood as if it is "bolting". This way the customer is given the option to change the color of the fabric or remove it in order to wash it. The wooden surfaces can be pressed with different colored veneers on each side so that the bag can be worn both ways, allowing the wearer to change the appearance of the bag. The patterns are not printed but created by the texture and the very materiality of these surfaces.